Stepbrother, Mine (Taboo #1) (2000)
Stepbrother, Mine (Taboo #1) (2000)
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Sophie is sweet sixteen and never been kissed yet yearning for that elusive feeling one gets when they meet “the one”. Logan is eighteen with a huge chip on his shoulder. Who can blame him his father and him have issues and the only reason they are coming together now is because he is getting married and offered to pay Logan’s tuition, he is not looking forward to being a brother at all. While Sophie and Logan both have vague ideas of what it will be like to finally have a sibling neither one anticipated that when they first meet spark will fly and then simmer when they find that the attraction they feel is for their now step sibling. While trying to bury their feelings the most tragic thing happens. With their parents now gone all they have is each other. Yet those lingering feelings seem to linger and grow the longer they fight them. As with anytime one tries to fill a void with something other than what they want things go to hel in a hand basket. These two have a chemistry that most only dream of yet because of fear on Sophie’s part and wanting to not hurt Sophie on Logan’s part things always seem to go from bad to worse. Will Logan be able to finally break through to Sophie? Or will Sophie keep on running until there is no turning back? Is it really taboo to love someone who is only related to you by marriage? In this book we meet Logan and Sofie on the day of their parents wedding. They are both having that hot attraction to each other until they find out..they are now step siblings!!Let's get this part out of the way. So you can't say you bought it and didn't like it because of these reasons and rate 1*1. It's 3rd person2. UK writing style.This book takes you on a ride of getting to know these characters from teens to mid 20s. Just when you think everything is going to come together, something else happens. You get to see them work through issues together and apart. I am so sick of books boy meets girl, have sex, boom in love. Let's go have babies. Thank god this book is NOT like that! It's real life issues and learning to work through them, which is their final stepping stone. Will they take that chance together? Read!!If you want a book with friendship, sparks, character growth, and of course some sexy times with a helping of angst, this book is for youI was gifted this book for an honest review, this is the first time reading this author. I would recommend both.
Would give this a 3.4 stars...was a good book
good book, I enjoyed the read :-)
3.5 Stars
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