Stitch Me Deadly (2011)
Stitch Me Deadly (2011)
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0451232518 (ISBN13: 9780451232519)
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Stitch Me Deadly was a quick, breezy read even though the murderer was easy to spot. I enjoy the small town setting and the cast of characters, although the story was a bit too low-key for my taste. I wish Marcy would be a bit bolder concerning her interests in Todd and Ted, but it is somewhat understandable having been dumped by her fiancé the year before in California. The exuberance Marcy has for her new embroidery shop is almost contagious and I almost would like to enroll a couple of her classes.The story revolves around a woman who brings an antique, hand-stitched sampler to Marcy's shop and asks for her help in finding 'ivy' just before succumbing to death from unnatural causes. Of course since Marcy was the last person to see her alive and the drug of choice was found in her house, she becomes the number one suspect. As Marcy delves into the history of the sampler, she unravels clues that eventually lead to the killer. I did get this book directly from the author but that did not affect my review. I really enjoyed it and read it quickly. I do wish I had read the previous novel in the series first but am now rushing to get it.This is a cozy mystery and takes place in a crafting needlework store. One does not have to enjoy needlework to enjoy this book. Happily I enjoy both.You feel for the poor old woman who had to die to set the story in motion and are rooting for the main character, store owner Marcy Singer, as she tries to solve intertwined mysteries. Other characters feel like old friends as they pop into the store and try to help Marcy. I enjoyed the relationship she has with her mother. At the end you are looking forward to reading more and I am sure this series will continue.I have to mention that the author's power of description was done so well you find yourself feeling the temperature and weather changes.
Good cozy mystery and will buy book number three in this sereis!!
Great book
3.5 Stars
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