Stockholm Octavo (2012)
Stockholm octavo (2012)
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While I was immediately sucked into this book and finished it in two days, I am having great difficulty figuring out why. The main character is a bit of a non-entity, with no real distinctive personality (except perhaps a tendency towards excess) but, like the book, he's somehow endearing. The pacing was perfect, with a constant steady pace and no extraneous historical sidebars, which are often the hallmark of historical fiction and invariably disturb the narrative flow. Card playing and gambling, the art of hand fans and Sweden's political upheavals merge seamlessly with the plot, miraculously and don't feel like tacked-on details to add historical accuracy.Highly recommended, especially to those who think they don't like historical fiction. I liked this book quite a bit. I really enjoyed how the author gave something as mundane as a lady's fan mystical powers. The storyteller's pursuit of the characters to complete his Octavo was compelling and I'm glad that they didn't just fall into place like dominos. I don't understand why one of the key characters more or less lost her mind at one point but fortunately she regained her senses and helped our hero regain his destiny.
Interesting, especially historically. Kindof slow. The characters didn't grab me.
I thought it was very intriguing and good use of detail without being boring.
Historical Fiction set in Sweden - intrigue. Great read.
So good! I couldn't put it down!
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