Stonefather (2008)
Stonefather (2008)
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My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Card's works and when I saw Stonefather on the shelf at the library I couldn't resist. Okay well when it comes to books I'm easy and can't control myself anyways so maybe that means nothing. Anyways, I read it in two days. Its a short book but I liked it better than Pathfinder. Its appropriate for any age which is nice. Stonefather is about a young man, Runnel, who has no purpose in his village and deprived of positive attention in almost any form. Inspired by desire to go outside the village he heads towards Mitherlough a great city where he is accosted by soldiers and harsh women because of his ignorance. Lark shows him pity as he carries water for her and he is then added to the staff for Lord Brickel who is a stone mage but limited to cobblestone. Shortly after being introduced and shown where he was to sleep in the attic he is suddenly ill from being high and feeling the wood of the house continually trembling. As a solution to prevent sickness he sleeps in the basement at the hearth. Lord Brickel finds that the foundaiton of the house is now a solid slab of flagstone whereas it was only pieces previously. Discovering that Runnel is a stonefather he tries to find out what Runnel knows. While they are talking Demwor is suspicious of their whereabout's then discovers the magic Runnel has been doing but blames Lord Brickel instead not knowing Runnel is a stonefather. Therefore, Runnel seeks a way to free Lord Brickel and making the water mages in Mitherlough accepting of stone mages and not prejudice. The plot is the same as all the other stories but he did an excellant job at making it feel new and magical all over again. I wished it gave more back story about Runnel in the beginning so that you get a feel for the character right away but thats a preference not law. I know it didn't say on Goodreads that I was currently reading it but I just wanted to read it. A writer can write a good story but taking the same old plot and making it feel new and exciting is skill and expertise. Orson Scott Card you did well again! :D Write a comment below that includes your favorite Card book or one you are wanting to read. Thank you! By: J Feistner Sometimes it's hard to separate an author from his works. I'm not a big fan of Card's beliefs and statements in public. But you know what? He's an amazing writer and world builder. This novella is testament to that - in a little over 100 pages he has created a fascinating new world that stands apart from his others (Ender Saga, Prentice Alvin, Songs of Earth, etc.). The idea of battle between stone magic and water magic played through a city and history makes for a rich mythology that is discovered through the protagonist Runnel's eyes in an organic way. It tells a complete story but leaves so much space for new tales that I'm anxious to discover more of it.
An excellent prequel that can stand by itself, solid as stone (couldn't resist the pun, sorry :))
Six word reviews:I can't believe he's permanently stoned
Loved this Short story!!!
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