Storia D'Amore E Di Demoni (2012)
Storia D'Amore e di Demoni (2012)
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Panini Comics
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Miko is a shrine maiden who wants nothing more then to follow in her fathers footsteps of banishing spirits but she hasn't had much luck banishing or even seeing spirits! Then comes Kagura, a sexy demon who feeds on women's feelings of love and passion and leaving helpless school girls heartbroken... In comes Miko who casts a spell to seal his powers, suprisingly it works!...Well kind of... Now Kagura wants Miko!Well as soon as I saw the title Demon Love Spell I just had to check it out!I do sometimes think that Kagura's neck is too thick for his body, for example, on the front cover... But that's just me being picky... I still love the art though! It's a great start to a great series! Can't wait to read the next volume! I quite loved this manga. But, being as I love pretty much all Shinjo Mayu's mangas, that comes as no surprise. Why, hello there, Saku---um, Kagura. Ms. Shinjo's main bishies are starting to pretty much look alike, though. She needs to start making them look different.----------------- Miko's best friend's boyfriend is cheating on her. She comes to Miko about that, and joking makes the accusation that Kagura might be a demon incubus, since he is such a womanizer. Of course, Miko is a serious shrine maiden, so she takes this seriously. Miko goes after Kagura,and uses a demon-sealing spell on him, which ends up sealing his powers, and turning him into a cute chibi. Kagura wonders how Miko knew his real form and asks her. She boasts about it a minute. But, there really is no time to gloat. With Kagura sealed, all the demons are suddenly after this woman that could seal such a powerful demon, so they keep coming and trying to woo her so they can attack her. Kagura promises to protect her with his life. But, it comes at a price. Demon dream sex. Yes, demon dream sex. Only someone like Shinjo Mayu could make this concept work instead on making it sound weird. So, Kagura creeps into Miko's dreams at night, and makes love to her. That's how he gets the powers to protect her. But, when she awakes, she has no idea he did that. But, she still gets all blushy and hot and bothered whenever he starts talking love and sex at her. Needless to be said, they do indeed fall in love with each other.------------------- I would definitely love to read other volumes of this series.-------------------- This volume was provided to me as an eARC by VIZ Media via Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.
Brainlessly fun read. Review to follow
Super silly!
Loved it.
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