Storm Fall (2014)
Storm Fall (2014)
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Aris has gone home, but nothing is the same, she isn't the same. She feels lost. Until Milek comes to her home one day to offer her a position in the army as a woman.The man in the army are not pleased and soon they are harassing her and other females.When Aris is send on a mission she finds out that the Safaran government is even worse than they thought making innocent victims. But her mission goes awry and now Aris is on the run for her worst enemy, will Milek find her on time?I loved Aris she has grown as a character but also as a woman and soldier.I loved Milek he’s is great guy fighting to get his girl. The story is action packed well paced with excellent writing. This was a very good sequel can’t wait to read the next book. Once again, Tracy Banghart has written a heart-pounding story leaving me waiting for the next book excitedly! I love that she explores the issues women face regularly in the military with these characters. It feels so realistic!Aris is still reeling from the death of her fellow soldiers and from Calix's rejection of her powerful new life as a military flyer, but she can't stay away for long. Major Vadim wants her back in a wingjet today. Does he also want her back in his arms? Aris gets shot down flying the newest super-secret wingjet over enemy territory. Injured and alone, she must stay alive and evade capture long enough to be rescued. But when help comes, it isn't who she expects.
This book was enjoyable, and I found I enjoyed it more than the first in the series.
I really enjoyed this story. I can't wait for the 3rd part to come out.
Love this series, so much fun!
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