Stormgevaar (2012)
Stormgevaar (2012)
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A.W. Bruna
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I love Elizabeth George! She is my favorite mystery author. I always buy her Inspector Lynley novels as soon as they are released. This being said, when I came across the fact that she had written a young adult novel, I had to check it out. My hopes for a good read were quickly dashed. Most of my annoyance with the novel surrounded the main character, Becca. First of all, she is the first character of a novel that I felt the need to slap since Bella Swan in Twilight (Disclaimer: I am not a Twilight fan). I probably should attribute much of what annoyed me to the fact that she is 14 years old. Many teenagers would have been scared and confused in the same situation. The fact that she would not trust anyone (even when they continually showed they could be trusted) and constantly ran away from her problems annoyed me as an adult. It would be interesting to see how a teenager connects with her. The other thing that annoyed me is that Ms George constantly made a big deal about Becca's weight. With the problems teenager girls face with accepting themselves and being happy in their own skin, I found Ms George's focus on calling Becca fat simply ridiculous. As adults we should be helping girls in discovering healthy self views of themselves. This was simply irresponsible. To be honest, for the majority of the book, I would have given this novel only one star. The saving grace of this novel arrived towards the end when Ms George fell back into an area where she is comfortable. This is when Becca begins focusing on the mystery on the island. The story really came alive at this point. Because of this change, I have decided to give the second book (which recently came out) a chance. I'm hoping that she continues where she left off and the story remains interesting. When her mother abandons her on Whidbey Island, Washington, a fourteen-year-old girl with psychic abilities meets a Ugandan orphan with a secret.Hannah, now becca king, can hear whispers, other peoples thoughts. This has put her in danger when she discovers her stepfather has murdered his work partner. She is on the run like her mother but her mother thinks it is saver for her to separate their paths instead of sticking together. Everything goes wrong when the woman becca is supposed to stay with dies. She finds nice people on the island who are willing to help her and take care of her although they have their own problems. Blending in in island life is not easy for becca, but she manages that is until someone gets hurt and ends up in a coma. The book made me question a lot of the characters and the voice for the audiobook was way to preppy to be believable, which is ashamed because the plot of the story sounded interesting. The book has the possibility for a other Becca adventure.
It was ok, not as good as the Inspector Lynley series though...
It's an okay book...I've read better.
Actual Rating: 3.5 stars
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