Strange Fate (2000)
Strange Fate (2000)
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Simon Pulse
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I have been waiting for this book since I finished Night World No. 3 way back in 2009. It has gotten way past ridiculous for this wait time. I realize that L.J. has other series' that she is currently writing but COME ON. She has an obligation not to abandon one fan base for another. I mean when she signed on to become an author, she signed up for- to honor her fans. You can't just abandon one set of fans and leave them hanging so you can write the billionth book in another one of your series. It is simply not fair. And yeah life isn't fair, blah. blah. blah. but REALLY ! This is ridiculous. The release date has been REMOVED, that's how bad the situation has gotten. We have no idea when it's even supposed to come out! No round about time to at least give us a ball park release date. "December 31, 2030" ??? SERIOUSLY ??? This book was supposed to be published way before now ! Honestly I'm not even sure I want to read this book when it comes out. I'm just really upset with the fact that I've been waiting for his next "EPIC" book in the Night World series and that I'm being denied it's Existence. If she even had an inkling that it was going to be THIS difficult for her to write Strange Fate I don't think it was kind of her to tease us with it's upcoming publication way back in 2010 only for her to have us wait for like four years without even a smidgen of information about the book. I mean is it EVER going to get published ? I'm just not sure it will be worth reading by then because I will most likely have lost interest or become so frustrated with the wait that I have no desire to read it because it took way to long to come out. I can't even remember what the books are about anymore and why go back and read them if I know doing that will make the wait even more painful than the first time because this time I know there is no hope hope of a near by publication of the next installment. I love L.J. I do. I even read her Secret Circle and Vampire Diaries series' so yeah, I'm glad she's continuing those BUT, I'm also a part of the Night World Fandom. So NO I'm not an L.J. hater and my intention is NOT to show any hate towards her, I'm seeing both sides of this messed up coin toss she's got going on, it is to show my IMMENSE frustration on the matter of the publication of Strange Fate. or should I say the matter of the NON-publication of Strange Fate. it's been what- 16 years? I am totally giving this up. It's not that it's not even that good. It just happened to be one of the first vampire novels I've read. It is because of a great trilogy (at the time)by the same author that touched me so that I even remember this book. The Forbidden Game, which I still read every now and then not because it is still great but to reminisce a 16yr old (best age ever) full of hopes, dreams and balls.
i can not wait to read this book! the last was super awesome so this one should be super amazing!
Well, of you read the description part than it says Strange Fate will be published this winter
As of now the release is April 2011. Subject to change of coarse.
Guess we're never reading this.
Maybe in another 10 years....
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