Stubborn Heart (2013)
Stubborn Heart (2013)
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1623804752 (ISBN13: 9781623804756)
Dreamspinner Press
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Loved this book by Ken Murphy!! Filled with heartfelt emotion, strong attraction, Hot Sex, and Love. Mark Smith is an RN working at a University Hospital in the SICU who has a real problem with commitment due to past relationships filled with infidelity and heartbreak. One morning in Orientation which Mark conducts he meets Trevor Hayes, MD, a surgical fellow within the same hospital. Trevor instantly falls for Mark and proceeds to pursue him. Because of Mark's past he tries to keep Trevor at bay, but it is short lived. This is a beautiful story of two gorgeous men who struggle with their own feelings, but Mark believes their relationship is only temporary because Trevor will be moving on to another position away from Atlanta!! Due to a close life threatening event, Mark's feelings for the future change. Highly Recommend this book! Great Read!! True Love can change life for the better!! When someone has the ability to lift you to the highest plane, and completely crush you, you know its true love. It’s absolutely this kind of love between Trevor and Mark; the kind of love that lasts throughout the years. But….Mark has been hurt by past lovers as a victim of infidelity. He considers himself “damaged” goods. Trevor comes into his life and soon Mark realizes his past hurts and fears could destroy things before they even start; the kind of love that he has craved and rejected at the same time.“Stubborn Heart” is the incredible and amazing story of how love can liberate a nurse’s stubborn heart and clear the way for true love in its finest form.Ken Murphy tells an astounding tale of how two men, along with their families, friends, and co-workers can all work together, sometimes in a meddlesome and annoying way, to cause lovers to face the fact of what the true meaning of trust and acceptance is as they surrender to their feelings for each other and commit to a lifetime of togetherness.Ken writes a story that is well researched with a flowing plot line that delivers no surprises causing breaks within the story. The characters are well developed and introduced, even some that were not really likeable (Carla) but necessary.Thank you Ken for a superb story. Definitely 5 stars!
So. Much. Useless. Detail.
too boring.
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