Stubborn Love (2013)
Stubborn Love (2013)
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**** EROTICA BOOK CLUB REVIEW ****Stubborn Love (Stubborn Love #1)by Wendy OwensEmmie loved Ashton and tried everything in her power to make things work and failing that things go from bad to worse and turns Emmie's life upside down... 3 years later she decides to try make a new start in New York. Emmie finds a good friend in her room mate Paige and because of her she meets Colin Bennett. Colin can charm girls no problem but he hits a wall when it comes to Emmie, but he doesn't give up easily!This is easy read book and really enjoyable, with likable characters that reach out and grab your attention, Emmie understandably is filled with guilt and vows never to fall in love again. I was so glad to see her make a friends and come out of herself and be happy for a change. I really wanted to see her be happy!! AS always your past always comes bavck to haunt you. I am really excited to read Paige and Christian's story in the next book.4 stars for Amazon & 4 stars for Goodreads~Jane~ Actually, this is probably more of 2.5 star read. Loved the H, of course, he was wonderful. The story itself not too bad. Now, I can't stand the h. She was kind of good in the beginning, and then BAM, she turns into a crazy, whining hag and you really just scream "get on with it and stop being a drama queen!!!"Why can't some of these books write a strong, my going to handle my shit kind of woman???
2.5 starsIt was too insta-love for me. A lot of the things Colin said were corny.
Such a sweet book....:)
beautiful story
Cute sweet read
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