Stuck In Oz (2014)
Stuck in Oz (2014)
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1627987894 (ISBN13: 9781627987899)
Dreamspinner Press
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When their mother dies, Jeremy packs what little he has, including his younger brother Petey, in the car. He heads for Kansas, where Milt, his mother's brother lives. There, he meets Nate, and there is an immediate spark between the two men. Of course, life is never that easy. There's a fair amount of drama in store for them. What a fun story. It was a very fast read, and I plan to check out more of the Tales From Kansas series. I hope I'll find a little romance in Uncle Milt's future. Andrew Grey continues to be one of my favorite authors. Let me begin by saying how much I liked book one, Dumped in Oz. However, as much as I liked it, Stuck in Oz was even better in many ways. I loved little Petey and OMG, Uncle Milt was wonderful (I really hope we get a story with Milt as the MC – hint hint Andrew!). When Jeremy flees So Cal with his baby brother after his mothers death, he’s not certain of anything except he needs to keep Petey safe. Once in Oz, Jeremy meets Nate and while they hit it off quickly, Jeremy’s fears, insecurities, and his mothers past sets many things in their way. I absolutely loved watching Milt, Nate, and Jeremy all grow and mature in various ways. Milt becomes so much to Jeremy and Petey: father, uncle, friend. Nate teaches Jeremy more than he even realizes, and together they become so much more than any one could be on their own.Stuck in Oz is part of a series, but can be read as a standalone (not that you would want to miss Dumped, lol). This is a wonder coming of age romance and is already on my reread list! Andrew Grey writes books that are powerful, sweet, and needed to be shared and this one is no different. With all the new books release every week, I can honestly say this is a must read. It’s not all angsty, but it’s not all sweetness either. Stuck in Oz has a wonderful balance and leaves you hopeful and in love. Thank you Mr. Grey for another great read!
you know a novella is good, when I finish and don't think, "Ugh, novella!"
I'm so hoping Uncle Milt gets a story!!!
Wow! Great!!!!
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