Such Good Girls: The Journey Of The Hidden Child Survivors Of The Holocaust (2014)
Such Good Girls: The Journey of the Hidden Child Survivors of the Holocaust (2014)
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My consensus of the holocaust is its about the survivors of the concentration camps during WWII. This book opened my eyes to a whole generation of what's known as the hidden child survivors. Children separated from their families, watch them die in some instances, forced to denounce their heritage, religious beliefs in order to survive the Nazi persecution of the Jews. These children would be taken in by strangers, some good, some bad, forced to hide in abandoned buildings, always living with the fear of being discovered by the Nazi's which could result in immediate death of sent off to the many concentration camps. The part I enjoyed most about this book was finding out what has happened to many of these survivors. Many of endured a lifetime of feeling like they will always be hiding from something. One of my favorite excerpts was "However well they get along in the world now, they are always reminded of the Holocaust by the things they must do, the things they must avoid, and the thoughts that have lives of their own". The story of Jewish children who were hidden by non-Jews during World War II and survived. The stories are fascinating, sad, and sometimes brutal, and the consequences of having survived while being hidden were very surprising to me. The first section could be almost any book about the Holocaust, but the second and third sections about the later lives of each girl featured in the book are so interesting and moving. They are what moved this book beyond the usual stuff and made it so good for me.
Very close to a four. Although well written I just wasn't it the mood for something so depressing.
Not another depressing holocaust tail.. more surviving and thriving and interesting
This was a good book!
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