Sueños De Dioses Y Monstruos (2014)
Sueños de dioses y monstruos (2014)
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Laini Taylor's Dreams of Gods and Monsters is the third book of this trilogy. It is full of surprises and keeps you turning the pages. When an angel army invades the human world, Karou and Akiva attempt the impossible: unite the angels and monsters, enemies who have been at war with each other before time. They are given hope of a new life and a chance at love. Their dreams are put at risk when the walls of the universe itself begin to fail. This book wraps up the trilogy with a heroic battle of hope and strength. Very well-written, Taylor continues to tell a love story torn between two worlds. This trilogy is a complicated world with lots of its own mythology, which I find very interesting. This final volume takes the complicated story to a new height as we finally find out the backstory of the Fallen, learn the truth about the Stelians, and find out about various other characters. All this is set in the context of Karou's rebellion and Akiva's love for Karou, along with the horrible Jael's plans for conquest. It's a very dense novel with not much room for details not necessary to the story, so the author keeps it moving. It tied up the loose ends although not necessarily in a way that readers may appreciate, although I had no problems with it. I liked the series, the action, the full story, and if the romance got a little sappy at times, I forgave it.mild language warning for gentle readers
This series is so beautiful and I will cry about it for the rest of time.
again 3.5.
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