Summoning The Night (2012)
Summoning the Night (2012)
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At some point Arcadia says she can't use her moon powers because it's day so the moon isn't up and all the other times she used her power it was night. Arg! The moon comes up during the day and at night. Moonrise isn't related the sunrise. Does the author never look at the sky during the day? If she needs the moon to be up and the sun down to use her powers then her powers are really limited and she really should be checking moonrise/moonset times daily. I think the author needs someone with a bit of scientific background checking her books. Summoning the Night, An Arcadia Bell Novel , Jenn BennetReview from jeannie zelos book reviewsWell, I'm loving this series, its got everything that ticks my boxes. Paranormal, magic, supernatural creatures, and a cracking story. The opening series was a five star for me, and to be honest this one is even better if that's possible...I'm settled in Cady's world now, understand her background more, love Lon and his dry wit and humour, and as for Jupe :-) that boy makes so much of the series,he's a real star performer. Grandson number one is 15 – similar age to Jupe – and just the same motormouth, he has no filters and you're never sure whats coming out. Jupe to a T! Recently had his phone stolen while swimming with friends ( next to a “ danger no swimming sign” - see – he's a real life Jupe!) Police asked him for info as the kids had an encounter with some characters driving by at same time – did he give make and model of car? No. desciption of men? No. All he came out with was one of them had a small c ock....mum was mortified. Can you imagine the ID parade?? Anway, back to the book – poor Cady, life is never normal for her. She's still got to keep her background undercover from the Law, even though her parents who were the guilty ones are now banished to demon can you tell police that? So she's trying to get on with life, run her bar and then...she gets caught up in the search for missing children, a repeat of a 30 year old crime locally. Of course it's one prolonged ride of adventure and danger....and I love the way seemingly innocuous things turn out to be important later. It's that clever setting up of clues and hints of what's going to happen that make this book so special. Great writing, a real treat to read and of course one to keep for re reading. Stars: 5 – another fabulous adventure. NB: I was supplied with paperback for review but...eye problems mean the text is too small fopr me to read and it's such a great series that I bought the kindle version ( adjustable text size) myself knowing its one I want to keep for re reading.
Nice second book in the series. I like the witch Cady and her demon man. The mystery was good.
Quite entertaining and I look forward to reading the next in the series.
3.5 stars. Enjoyed this and will be reading on.
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