Super Sock Man (2011)
Super Sock Man (2011)
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This is the expanded version of the original short story that appeared in Vol. 2 of Don't Read in the Closet. I loved this new version - it gave more dimension to the characters we originally met, especially to Alejandro. I loved that Donnie brought color into his life and that he was able to come to terms with a real relationship, instead of his usual one-night-stands. There's warmth and humor, lots of love, family and relationship dynamics, and some really hot sex. All in all, this moves to the upper tier of my e-book reads. When Donnie was sixteen years old, he helped his sister Michelle move in with her new roommate, Alejandro. Up till that time, all that really mattered to Donnie was baseball, hanging out with his friends, and playing video games. But when he was around Yandro, whose dark Latin looks and dancer’s body were so very different from his own blonde jock build, something new began to stir.As Donnie gets a little older, the feelings grow stronger and more powerful. He recognizes he is gay, and finally comes out to his family and friends. His friend Chase, another tall blonde jock, allows Donnie to experiment, but doesn’t reciprocate. But nothing touches the feelings and attraction he feels for Yandro.Ah, Yandro. He is a bit of a man slut. Has a different man every week, never settling down with one man for too long. And when he gets too close to something resembling a commitment, he bails. His wake up call comes, however, when he gets hit upside the head with a guy who uses him like he uses other men. So he takes a break.As the attraction between the two simmers, Donnie and Yandro keep each other at arm’s length. But one night, as Donnie house sits for Yandro and his sister, his curiosity gets the best of him. He ends up asleep on Yandro’s bed. What will happen when Yandro and Michelle show up two days early?Amy Lane takes us back to meet two of the characters introduced in “Chase in Shadow”, and fills in some of the back story there. If you haven’t read that beautiful work yet, grab it immediately. But here we are allowed to see how Donnie and Yandro met and fell in love.This is Ms. Lane at her best, writing about family and true love and men who are so strong and weak for each other. Men, who find their truest love. She writes her stories like Yandro’s grandmother knits those wonderful socks she sends him. Slowly, surely, row by row, link by link, adding a sudden splash of color in to the mix. Hitting us in the heart, with a sudden observation and truth. Then, the whole pattern shows up and we stand back in awe, our hearts touched.Some of her truths hide in the mix, then shoot out and knock us off center.Family:“Donnie actually looked at her and rolled his eyes. ‘Do you have to make me feel five?’ Michelle’s look was only a little sad. ‘Honey, don’t you know that to me, you’ll always be five?’”Love:“…but…but I saw you growing up, and coming out, and I wanted you, but all I could think was, I don’t ever want him to stop looking at me like he first looked at me back when I first saw him, and he was so beautiful and young and…”Heartbreaking vulnerability:“I think God rewards people like you by not breaking their hearts, that’s what I think.”I loved Chase in his story. And I fell so much more in love with him, seeing him through Donnie’s eyes. And I adore Donnie and Yandro.So. Damned. Good. Read it. Love it.Tom
Funny. Short. Adorable.
Sweet read.
3.5 stars
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