Supervolcano: Eruption (2000)
Supervolcano: Eruption (2000)
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I got really excited when I saw this book! I love reading about disasters and post apocalyptic and the concept of a super volcano under Yellowstone is something that fascinates me. [Supervolcano: Eruption] by [Harry Turtledove] lived up to all my expectations. The characters were well developed and very believable. The intertwining stories kept the plot moving.Usually I have stayed away from [Harry Turtledove] since stuff with aliens is not my thing and that is what I thought about when I saw his books but in the first installment of [Supervolcano] I was happy to not see one alien! [Turtledove] does have a good story telling style and perhaps I may give some of his alternative history a shot. Supervolcano Eruption looks at what would happen if, as predicted 'sometime', there were to be a massive eruption in Yellowstone Park. Although this is an alternative future rather than an alternative past, this is very much in the style of Harry Turtledove's alternative histories with eight interwoven stories of those affected. Liking both Harry's works and Yellowstone, I was eager to read this and not disappointed.
disappointing, seems very un-Turtledoveish. In other words boring and unreadable.
Very good! Can't wait for the second of the trilogy to come out in december
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!! The worst Harry Turtledove book I have ever read.
Meh. It doesn't end so much as it just fades out.
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