Surviving The Fourth Cycle (2012)
Surviving the Fourth Cycle (2012)
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Surviving the Fourth Cycle by Nathan Daniels is an incredible, emotional, and inspiring look at one man's struggles with and triumph over mental illness. In it, Daniels offers himself fully to his readers, and in doing so, to himself, as he exposes the depths of his mind, his soul, his life.To give a review in the traditional sense would be an insult to Mr. Daniels. A book review typically is an examination of the content of the book and/or the writing style of the author, and a book review often examines the strengths and weaknesses of both the book and the author. Surviving the Fourth Cycle, however, is more than a book. It's a raw and personal examination of a man's internal and external world. To analyze this book would diminish its purpose and be a slap in the face to the man who wrote it. Therefore, I cannot bring myself to do it.I will say, though, that I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a very personal story and an account of how damaging life can be, what it's like to suffer so deeply, and how powerful the human mind and spirit and capacity for love are in transcending such deep struggles. I have absolutely never read a book that made me experience such a wide range of powerful and intense emotions like this before.Two chapters were hard to read through the tears, and there were also unexpected times when I found myself laughing. Very interesting, extremely gripping, and truly inspirational. Read about this brave soul overcoming suicide, and embrace your own life with a whole new vigor.
A remarkable piece of work. Inspirational, thought-provoking. Yes... you should read it.
An excellent read!
great book
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