Svůdné Nebezpečí (2014)
Svůdné nebezpečí (2014)
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Well nothing more really, than an extension of the first book, which I also did not love. I am pretty sure the first book is rated the lowest because the people who don't like the first just don't continue on with the series. I do. Either I am a glutton for punishment or an ocd crazy person who has to finish every book she has ever started. Ever. Well, maybe a mix of both. I am really sad that the hero, who is so "pure of heart" would sleep with a boy in a bed and forget everything else that is important to her. Though I think that this is very true, it seems to be more revealing about the author than anything else. In this world of instant gratification, it is hard to say, "No! Sexy Kaiden, I will not sleep with you and snuggle/spoon you into oblivion even though we are attracted to each other. Why? Because it is NOT RIGHT." UGH. I need to get a pick me up in a book. Well on to the last and final punishing book in the series. ~YAY~ *fake cheers* :/ I love how Anna grows in this series. She makes friends and comes to know herself better. I liked getting to know Kopano and how much he cares for Anna. Wow the kiss..... and then of course the pain of the consequences. Kaidan is kind of missing in this book until the middle of the book and then things get all explosive. Some times I just want to smack him and tell him to wake up. But he does eventually and things get interesting. On to the next book!
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I like it more than the firts book
Way better than the second.
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