Tails Of Love (2009)
Tails of Love (2009)
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0425227685 (ISBN13: 9780425227688)
Berkley Trade
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This was a compilation book of short stories. None overly memorable but some were really cute. I skipped a few but the ones I did read are listed below.Man's Best Friend - Lori Foster - the reason I picked up this book. cute story but not much substance.A Knotty Tail - Stella Cameron - cute story that is told partially from the animals perspective which was unexpected and kind of cute. Norah's Arc - Kate Angell - this was a little jumpy, the way it was written didn't really work for me, but the little goat was cute. The Pursuit of Happiness - Dianne Castell - not sure why I finished reading this one, it was really odd and I didn't enjoy it. Rescue Me - Marcia James - this one was sweet.Lord Hairy - Donna MacMeans - super cute, probably my favorite after Lori Foster's book. It had a little bit of a Cinderella story going for it and was fun. Scaredy Cat - Patricia Sargeant - had a bit from the cats perspective, cute story, could have been an interesting premise for a longer story. A Man, A Woman, and Haggis - cute, little ghost story. Hot Scottish man... and a cute dog... what more can you ask for! Like most books of short stories, there were some hits and misses in this. More misses, really. What I did like about it, though, was the variety of stories--there were a lot of general romance stories, but also a paranormal(ish) one, a supernatural(ish) one, a historical one, and a couple that were also told, in part, from the animals' perspectives. My favorite was Kate Angell's "Norah's Arc" because it had a good romance story without being over the top. Plus the main animal in the story was a goat. :)
This is a pretty good collection of short stories, some great, some sappy, but none bad.
Not a big fan of anthologies. But enjoyed most of the stories in this one!
AWESOME stories. I laughed .. cried and just plain enjoyed the stories.
Short story collection. Some were better than others, but all were fun.
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