Take Me Under (2013)
Take Me Under (2013)
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0425262936 (ISBN13: 9780425262931)
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This book was just okay. The storyline was rather weak and not very believable. The romance that was supposed to be the root of this story was pretty nonexistent. All the male and female lead really did was have sex! Which I am great with, but it just seemed very excesive and like the author was trying to make it a BDSM thing but never really committed to the idea. (If you are going to attempt that kind of element, you need to be consistent throughout the whole story, authors!) So all the main characters did was have sex in their fling then, all of a sudden, they both love each other and want to get married and start a family. This story was also supposed to contain a suspense element where the female lead has a crazy, violent stalker. The stalker thing really just kind of got pushed to the backburner due to all of the sex and waxing on about the male lead not being ready for any kind of commitment (he's 34, by the way, and should definitely be able to think about being responsible for things at this point in his life). Overall, this story just didn't move me to feel anything or make me experience things as they happened with the main characters which is really what reading for pleasure is all about. Based on this story, I would say that this author needs quite a bit of work and practice but she will write better stories in time. I would be willing to pick up another of this author's books but it would be because I didn't really have anything better to read. Thank you to the lovely people at Headline Eternal for providing my copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the perfect novel for long summer days, Take Me Under, the first book in the Dangerous Tides series positively glows with the heat from the two characters whose scenes burn up the pages, set in my favourite state of Florida, the sun is hot and so are the men!Ben Hudson is our leading man, he is the epitome of a bad boy with his reputation and his career in the police he had left a string of women behind him but the one he wants is the one he can never have Reese Monroe. Having come across her several times over the years, they have an instant attraction but even though he is a total bad boy he knows better than to sleep with another mans wife, even though he knows that man is cheating on her.The story skips forward in time and we meet Reese again moving from Boston to Florida to make a new life for herself following her discovery of her man's cheating ways and their divorce, she wants a clean break and her family is in Florida so off she goes and moves in to a gorgeous house by the beach but when she moves in she is frightened to find a man in her kitchen, Ben, she gets another shock when she finds out that he is her landlord and she thinks her match making mother may have had a hand in her choice of accommodation.From the get go their relationship is red-hot, she understandably is just divorced and does not want to jump in to things, he is not looking for marriage or any sort of commitment all he wants is Reese to give herself to him and he makes no secret of his want.This is not a straightforward love story, Reese is hiding a secret from Ben, she is being threatened, following her divorce, she has the feeling she is being watched and the texts she keeps getting confirming that frighten her to death.Can this couple with their smoking hot chemistry give in to one another whilst making sure Reese doesn't fall in to harms way?A great read and I look forward to reading book 2 in the Dangerous Tides series, Keep Me Closer.Take Me Under is awarded 4 out of 5
I loved it!!!It was really good!!!
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