Taken By The Cowboy (2000)
Taken by the Cowboy (2000)
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Just finished this one, and my face is a mess, if that's any indication of how good the story was! I would give it 4½ stars if possible. I started this one before Christmas, so got sidetracked, and had to restart, not that I'd forgotten everything, but I did need to refresh my memory. Re-reading the first few chapters was not a hardship, as I truly enjoyed this story. It has a bit of a different twist to it, and I had my suspicions, which were sort of confirmed in the end, in a very nice way! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes historical western romance and/or time travel to that period. It's a keeper for me, I would read it again, positively! It could have been much longer and more detailed, because it was a nice idea. I didn't like the ending so much and the whole story seemed rushed and more like an outline to a nice story that would have needed more pages.I never understood the title, since the guy was not a cowboy but a sheriff, and the way Jessica explained the title at the end was not really satisfying for me.The story itself was really okay, because no matter how often people try to write time travel stories, you still want to know how the characters deal with it. But I wish there had been more detail to Truman, and to everything, really. Big points for not using the phrase "get the hell out of Dodge", though.
3.5. cute fun read but a little predictable. great to read while watching the super bowl
Love time-travel novels so much especially with reincarnation
DNF Like a crap western movie.
Great read!
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