Taking What He Wants (2000)
Taking What He Wants (2000)
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Chase Thornton was out for revenge. Chase had seduced his fiancee's sister, Delia. Unbeknownst to Delia, Chase planned to marry her but first he had to take revenge against her cheating sister. One could claim that Chase was cheating too, but he had not touched his fiancee before he found out what she was really about. He had fallen hook, line and sinker for Delia. However, her family is not going away quietly and Chase is determined to protect her.I was not sure about this one because I do not like stories where there is cheating. However this was pretty good, I did question Delia's decision in being with chase when he was promised to another. She is young though and Chase was relentless. Checking out next book in series. It's entertaining because the 'hero' is one of those over the top hard core alphas who also has a tender loving side. But don't piss him off 'cause he's NOT a turn the other cheek kinda guy. Once the main course of revenge is served, the story kinda fizzles out for the most part. It's short, but could've been shorter by half really. I preferred the last book I read by her, 'Betrayed'. Delia is a doormat but the sweet natured kind, rather than whiny kind so it didn't bother me too much.
Editing and grammar issues abound. The characters lack depth - could have been a good trainwreck.
IckyDid not like the premise or circumstances.
great story loved the plot!
So freaking hot
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