Tattoo Thief (2013)
Tattoo Thief (2013)
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1490541322 (ISBN13: 9781490541327)
Heidi Joy Tretheway
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Spoilers...Spoilers...spoilersOverall I enjoyed this book. 3 stars is a pretty good rating considering I did have a few issues with 2 of the characters. It started strong, Beryl rebels against her mother's non-parenting and decides to go on an adventure. Brava! If you don't take chances then what kind of life can you expect to have? A very boring one.My first problem with this book, and it may very well just be me but, if my "best friend" invited me to live with her in a new city, a city I have never been to and know little about, and she ditched me leaving me homeless I seriously doubt I'd be off having drinks with her a few days later having a good old time like nothing happened. Maybe it's me but I don't think I'd be that forgiving.My other issue with this book is with Beryl herself. In the beginning she is so strong and though a little OCD, she tells a very compelling story. I liked her very much. It's when she starts to get all judgmental about how her clients--who really are her employers--live their lives. She comes across as a real bitch. She's intrusive and critical of things she knows nothing about and makes horrible assumptions about these people. Not to mention she's stepped well over the line between being curious and a stalker. She rifles through everyone's personal things and in Gavin's case starts to wear his dead girlfriend's clothes! Who does that? A crazy psycho stalking bitch does. That's who.She starts to chat with him online and lives and breathes for that little chat bubble to go from gray to green. And then when he gets online she belittles his pain and chastises him every chance she gets. I don't know how he can tolerate her because I was very close to throwing my hands up in the air and walking away from this book.Stella is another character that I could have done without. The only thing I will say about Stella is she is a back-stabbing selfish bitch who needs her butt kicked all over the state of New York. I'm pretty sure I won't be reading her and Tyler's book which is a shame because overall I enjoyed the author's writing. The story was very descriptive and drew me in even when the point came when I really wanted to walk away I just had to see how it played out. I loved the author's writing style: it was funny and descriptive and just plain enjoyable. The relationship between Beryl's mother and Dan gave me hope for this book. It was very endearing. And Anthony... Swoon!If Beryl hadn't been such a crazy bitch I probably would have given this book 4 1/2 stars but crazy turns me off and wearing someone's dead girlfriend's underwear freaks me the f*@k out and I can't in good conscience promote that brand of crazy. I've been reading more NA (New Adult) lately to get a feel for the market. I'm not too crazy about the genre (if it is one), but this was a fun read. I enjoyed reading about a young woman learning her way around New York and having the time of her life, making mistakes, doing stupid things, but somehow getting with a hot rock star!Some of the interactions did not feel real to me, which is why it's only three stars. I liked Beryl's modern narrative voice. Gavin did not feel very real to me as a character. The dog seemed more real.
I didn't even read it, I skimmed the whole thing. Super boring story, no real character development.
Surprisingly enjoyed it a lot!
meh....2,5/maybe 3..
Love love the book
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