Tegan's Blood (2012)
Tegan's Blood (2012)
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L.H Cosway
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Teagan’s Blood This book was better than I thought it would be. I had never read a book by this author, plus it is a British novel so I was a little nervous. It was not disappointing though.Teagan was slightly annoying at times with the decisions that she made. They seemed like horrible ones, but it wasn’t too bad. Also I skimmed the parts where she was freaking out that vampires were real because it annoys me. I really liked the character growth and development in this book. I think several characters grow a lot from when you first meet them. The relationships all seem to make a lot of progress, which I liked. The guy was good. Every time he talked I kept thinking of him looking like Eric from TruBlood since he owned a night club. I really liked he was so protective of her it was cute. There were some fun confrontations between him and other people that were entertaining which was fun. The plot was good. It was definitely set up for a sequel. I actually liked that she made her own decisions *****spoiler ahead****** and left. However, I think she should have gone farther. Also the map was very confusing because she said she went across the world or halfway across the world and was in England, so was she supposed to be in America or Australia? I was just very confused because I was basing the location off of language clues and the money that she used since they never say where she is, but maybe I am wrong? I just had to disregard the location because it was so unclear and confusing. Overall I give it a 3.5 out of 5. This is a series; ends at a cliffhanger if you're looking for an HEA there isn't one here.Lots of vampires, warlocks, magic practitioners, etc.A woman in mourning after discovering her boyfriend's body after committing suicide, she's convinced by her friends to go to a new club... where she meets a vampire or 2 and then she's sucked into a world she didn't know existed.I don't like books that handle insta-love poorly. This is just another. She's an emotional mess with a secret that means she should stay away from vampires and he's a vampire who says he's in love with her and won't end her life?? Not sure I'm buying this or that I want to read the next book in the series.
This was quite a find for being FREE :) Will write a review after I finish the 2nd book.
it was quite good actually
Amazon Freebie 11/8/2012
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