Ten In The Bin (2013)
Ten in the Bin (2013)
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N.R. Walker
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No Penalties Here!The thing to do before you get this book is go to the author's website and look for the page where she places the photos of what she imagines her characters to look like. If you don't immediately cut back and buy this book when you see what Dean and Macca are supposed to look like, you should stop reading these types of books altogether.A breezy, hot as fresh-off-the-barbie shrimp, sweet and ultimately heartwarming short tale of love on the Aussie football circuit, where when you are penalized instead of going to the penalty box, you get ten minutes in "the bin." These guys take their penalties and then truly clean each other up. First I'd like to say a huge thanks to my wonderful friend Melly for gifting me this book today literally 2 minutes after I said that I'd love to read it. thank you so so much, Melly!!! I ♥ you!!! this sweet, short story was the perfect friday afternoon read. I loved every minute I got to spend with Dean and Darren. I adored to see these 2 big guys being all kinds of sweet with each other but also being tough/rough guys on the footy field with an no holds barred attitude. gentle giants indeed. :) also loved that Dean got to give back the 'favor' at the end. all in all this was a very enjoyable feel-good read that was short but that's just what you need sometimes.
A sweet short about finding love while looking for a friendly match of footy. Recommend. Free read.
Cute boys, playing soccer, in Austraila? What more can I say, its HOT. Love all the Aussisims.
This was such a sweet little book!! These two were too cute for words .. I loved it!!
Absoultly loved it! I was smiling like a fool reading it
Sweet...I just wish it was longer
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