Tenebre Nel Cuore (2012)
Tenebre nel cuore (2012)
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Harlequin Mondadori
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Ian, who is running a construction company in Colorado, has a darkness inside that scares him to death. Mollie a book store clerk and psychic has been contacted by Ian's dead mother to warn him that an ancient evil is loose and is coming for him and unless he releases the darkness inside all is lost. A secret society has been watching Ian his entire life waiting until he releases his inner self. Now the entire struggle between good and evil lays at Ian's feet.WOW, non stop action, steamy romance, great plot with intriguing twist and wonderfully written leaving you wanting to know more. So as a long time paranormal reader I'm pretty sure I've seen all the cliches, loved them and hated them. I've seen some really great original ideas, too. Usually the later fall in the category of preferred reading for me. I thought this book was sounded unique, but in fact it was disappointingly familiar and predictable.The premise is interesting enough. A women with psychic ability, Molly, hears the voice of Ian's dead mother telling her to warn Ian that his loved ones are in danger. Ian has a secret darkness inside him he fights to repress. He's inclined to push Molly away, ignoring her words of advice and warning even as he shares dreams of sensuality and horror with her. The dreams manifest themselves in reality, Ian's bite-marks showing up on Molly's neck when she awakens. An evil enemy pursues them in the dreams and in reality.All this was enough to hold my attention at first. However, it takes a really long time for anything to actually happen. Mostly Ian and Molly argue over whether or not she's crazy. I found the slow plot pretty frustrating. I could have overlooked that if the characters were a little more likeable. Ian irritated me the most. He's brooding to the point of pathetic, rude to the point of mean. And Molly kind of deals with his poor treatment of her, meek and emotional. She's a bit more likeable though. She's persistent and caring, so her initial wimpy-ness is forgivable. I was really waiting for them both to start to develop as characters and...they didn't. It was just predictable plot and mindless conversation after that. What a disappointment.
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