That Man 2 (2014)
That Man 2 (2014)
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Nelle L'Amour
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* ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW * That Man 2 is the second series in That Man trilogy written by Nelle L’Amour. The book is written in both Blake and Jennifer’s POV.Jennifer endures another traumatic experience to bring her ugly past experience forward yet again, but thank goodness her night and shining armor Blake came to rescue her. What is it with Blake he seems to always be in the right place at the right time, yet seems to drive her mad and second guess her feelings for her fiancé at the same time.Blake comes to the rescue and helps Jennifer, he says aloud “Thatman” rhyming it with Batman. Another reason he is quirky and cute but so darn sexy too.Both travel to Vegas to continue the study groups and the heat is turned up between the two. They want to be close to one another but Jennifer is throwing up all kinds of barriers, Blake is confused and needs to get away, he says he is heading home and will see her in the office when she returns. Jennifer finishes with the groups earlier and heads to the pool; while she is starting to get cozy, she sees Blake surrounded by women in bikinis rubbing his back. He was supposed to be on a plane home she thought and storms off, Blake notices her pissed and runs after her but she is so upset she won’t even let him explain. They take separate flights home and both are more discouraged than ever.Blake’s separate ride back on the plane leaves him to discover something that can shatter Jennifer’s heart, but he is more than willing to pick up those pieces and be there for her so he sends her the information anonymously.Jennifer cannot believe what she is watching in the video and from there she makes two decisions that will forever change her life. Will she act on pure impulse and cause further damage? Read this book to find out more secrets and steamy scenes that I know you all have been waiting for.Nelle L’Amour does it again in the second book, cannot wait for book 3. Characters are coming together and you know the story is going to get even more exciting. I give her 5 stars! I love a book that captivates you, and she does that in this trilogy!Written by Jamie L for Summer’s Book Blog. ***REVIEW***That Man 2By Nelle L'AmourWe continue the story of Calamity Jen, her amazing friends Libby & Chaz, not forgetting her gorgeous new boss Blake Burns.Jen is such a great character I love her glass half full attitude but at times wish she would see things for what they really are.We get to see more of her roommate best friend Libby in this part & she is great fun, exactly what Jen needs in her life. When they go to Vegas for a work thing it balances out nicely, they are both so passionate about their careers so work is the main focus but they do get to kick back & have fun too.It's no secret that I adore a good male POV, but Blake's thoughts are HILARIOUS! He is knows what he wants & never fails to get exactly that until he meets feisty Jen.Are workplace relationships ever a good idea?Can Jen tame the bad boy player?Is Jen just a challenge for egotistical Blake?Who will win Jen's heart, her long term boyfriend/new fiancé Bradley or the spontaneous Mr Burns?You will just have to read & find out. As always a spoiler free review.Another great job Nelle, I'm off to dive right into part 3.Lynn
As much as I'm really enjoying the story, it's still only a third of a book
This book just gets better and better! Funny as hell! And soooo sexy!
As expected this book is awesome
EEEK, need the next one now.
4.25 - solid
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