The 10PM Question (2008)
The 10PM Question (2008)
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1741757355 (ISBN13: 9781741757354)
Allen and Unwin
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I am completely in love with this book and everyone who resides within it. The characters are so alive, I keep expecting to pass them on the street. The 10PM Question is clever, sweet, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny (my husband heard me giggling often as I devoured this book).It is one of those fabulous books that can be enjoyed by anyone, and which I will be recommending to my children pretty early on - no explicit or disturbing material to worry about.I would love to learn Chillun and have my children grow up with friends as fabulous as Frankie, Gigs and Sydney. 2.5 stars rounded up because NEW ZEALAND. I really quite enjoyed the first chapter or two of this book--right until Sydney came into the picture. I didn't dislike her exactly--I just liked the story better without her. The other major problem was we only get to see what happens on Tuesdays--every other Tuesday, and then towards the end every Tuesday--so he'd talk about something happening the next day that I really wanted to hear about, and then two weeks later I'd get a one paragraph recap. I can imagine how this format could make for an interesting novel, but it really didn't work here. The ending was somewhat flat--I was rather bored with it by that point, but I did love the fact that Gordana tried to help. Good things included Frankie's totally wacky family (I could have read a whole book just Louie--as long as it had more than Tuesdays), THE SETTING, Frankie's obsession with birds and languages, Gigs's obsession with cricket, actually just Frankie and Gigs together, and all the little details that made it feel so realistic.Content: Minimal language and some sexual innuendo which I *cough* didn't get until someone pointed it out.
This is a great ya novel about a boy coming to grips with his mother's mental illness.
Really lovely book written from a child's perspective of a very unusual family.
Great book! little bit weird at the start but enjoyed it !!!:)
Very enjoyable. Lovable character.
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