The Age Of Magic (2014)
The Age of Magic (2014)
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Head of Zeus
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I feel frustrated after completing this book. It promised so much but ultimately under-delivered especially given how much I loved Okri's previous book, The Famished Road. The Age of Magic looks beautiful and at times reads beautifully but for the most part I felt like I was missing something. I'm still not sure if it was me or the book missing something but its an uncomfortable read. It feels very stilted, disjointed and inconsistent. Between beautifully scribed moments the book falls short with 2-dimensional characters and very heavy handed dialogue. It felt clunky and unsure of itself. Very disappointing. I picked up this book because it is a beautifully produced little hardback with a gorgeous dust-jacket. Although I wasn’t absolutely sure what it was about, the short description on the inside cover intrigued me. I’m still not entirely sure what this was about because it is very surreal and dreamlike. There are parts of this that felt like Platonic dialogues, and others that reminded me of the strange sequences that you get in Haruki Murakami’s magical realist books. Needless to say that I loved this. It was superbly written and wonderfully compelling, despite the lack of a clear narrative. I bought and read it immediately, within a matter of hours. Loosely, it’s about a group of filmmakers on a train and the weird and sometimes disturbing things that start happening to them. There’s a sense that they have been put together by some malignant exterior force. But if you’re the kind of person that needs clear conclusions in fiction then you should steer clear of this.
No. Nope. How anyone has given this any stars is beyond me.
Thought provoking, but not an overly satisfying read.
Some books only become clear much later.
Beautiful, poetic and enchanting.
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