The Arcade Catastrophe (2012)
The Arcade Catastrophe (2012)
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Shadow Mountain
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(Before you read this book review I highly suggest you read the first book) The theme of my book is in spite of obstacles you can achieve your goal. The setting of this book is mainly at an arcade.this story is told by a narrator aou of the story (3rd person point of view) which actually makes a lot of differences. There are six major characters. The six are Nate, Summer, Trevor, Pigeon, and Lindy, and to those who don’t know, Lindy is Ms. White. A year after the gang defeated Ms. White and turned her into a kid like them, they had seen two men looking at them while using candy magic. The two men were actually part of the group with Mozag and John Dart, they were the Battatios. They told them that John and Mozag haven’t been seen since last month when a mysterious arcade had been built. The Battatios told them to investigate. Jonas White ,Ms. White’s brother, had been a magician and are using kids to capture a valuable item. This book is great, if you have money that you want to spend on a book, this is the book. The action “scenes,” are intense like the one I am about to tell you. There was a part in this story when one of the Battatios’ and Trevor went to get Mozag, John, and Pigeon out of Mr. White’s sanctum, but Jonas White had some engineered people to beat the up. There was another time when when the jets and a few artificial people had to fight through a whole army of some type of terracotta warriors which were easy to kill but there was a great multitude of them so if they were going to die it would be of exhaustion. The “Blue Falcons” can be quite handy when they are in dire situations as shown by these examples here. All though not as good as the first one I am excited to see if Brandon Mull makes another book for this series. In all seriousness I highly recommend this book and….BYE! This is James Bond meets Charlie and the Chocolate factoryThis is a sequel story to the first Candy Shop War, after a battle against a magician named Mrs. White who wanted to take over the world. Now the main characters and their arsenal of magical candy have to go up against Mrs. White's brother Jonas who owns an arcade and has magical stamps as a potential prize. These stamps endow the wearer with superpowers ranging from abilities of a car, a jet a tank or a submarine. Full of risks of going up against another White sibling the main characters have to overcome terrible odds to discover what Jonas is up too in order to save the world again.This is a solid sequel, there were a lot of fun adventures and increased plot development that made it a page turner, I would rank this series and Brandon Mull's Fablehaven series are some top notch books. There is a lot of mystery, intrigue that I wish more books could share
Brandon Mull never ceases to amaze me with his ideas. He's my favorite author.
It felt to me like a reskin of its predisesor good but not wowing
Great book. Good youth fantasy adventure
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