The Archived (2013)
The Archived (2013)
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I really enjoyed the story, even though I saw that twist coming. But to be honest, even thought I liked it, the STORY was the only thing I liked.I didn't care for the writing. I don't realy like when a book jumps between past and present in the same chapter, I think things should be separated. I also don't like first person present tense, unless it's REALLY well done.It was very confusing at first. I thought her father was dead, and that HE had taught her how to be a Keeper, but "Da" apparently means grandfather, not father, and her dad isn't a ghost, like the beginning of the book made me think.I didn't want to give this book three stars, because I did like it more than the books I usually give three stars to, but I can't bring myself to give it four stars either. Yes, because it was confusing, but also because all the characters were just so... Underdeveloped. I especially didn't like Wesley. Not because I think he's a bad person, you see, I like WESLEY, I just didn't like the way he was written. I like the person Wesley but not the character Wesley, is what I'm trying to say.All his dialogues with Mackenzie seemed so cliche. His very personality (always the crooked smile, the over confidence, the flirting and saying how irresistible he is) is cliche. As soon as they had their first conversation I rolled my eyes. I've seen this character before. A million times. I'm tired of him. Also, I couldn't get a grasp on Mackenzie at all. Who is she? I don't really know her. I don't know her mother, or father. I don't know Ben, even thought she spends 1/3 of the book talking about him. I don't know her best friend. I even had a hard time, at first, to remember Mackenzie's name when I started writing this. The story was very interesting but the characters were so forgetable.I don't even remember what she looks like. Is that even written in the book? I don't remember.In the end, I don't think I'll remember much about this story after a while. I'll read the second book because I have no idea where this could go, but I'm curious, and because I already have it anyway. But other than that, I would rather just read this one and be done with it. It's a full story in itself. I owe a lot to goodreads. As, if I hadn't of stumbled across this website in September 2014, I would never have discovered this book.Oh, so much love for this book and Victoria Schwab!I loved everything about it. The characters, the premise, the mystery, and I appreciated that the love interests didn't take over the whole story.20 pages into this book I quickly ordered the Unbound from the Book Depository, and now it sits waiting to be read on my shelf. I cannot wait to follow Mac, Wes, and Co. on their next adventure.
It got really good around the middle, and then it was over :( I want more~!!!
DNF @ 31%Still no sign of plot.Concept fine, just did not grip me.
Really liked it. It was different, as in out of the ordinary.
začalo to bejt dobrý až po 100 straně
*4.5 stars
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