The Bar Code Prophecy (2012)
The Bar Code Prophecy (2012)
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0545425298 (ISBN13: 9780545425292)
Scholastic Press
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This book is completely one of my favorite futuristic/dystopian books. Suzanne Weyn's writing style is very esy to follow, but if you are not paying attention, or get side tracked, you will totally forget everything you read. I found this book hard and frustrating to get into (page 1 - about 75.) but past100, the book came into clear view and I could picture everything that was happning (including the characters) perfectly in my head. i recomend this book. Title: The Bar Code Prophecy (Bar Code Tattoo book 3)Author: Suzanne WeynGenre: Sci-Fi/AdventureSetting: United States, 2025Characters: Grace, Eric, Eutonah, Mfumbe, KatieMajor Themes: Dangers of technology, danger of misusing natural resourcesBrief Summary: Young Grace was just about to turn seventeen and get the bar code tattoo; a tattoo containing your bank information, identification, genetic code, and more. Despite the advice of a close friend Eric, Grace went ahead and got the tattoo. After getting it, a doctor at her job appeared horrified, and told Grace to go home as fast as she could. When she got home, she found her family gone and police swarming the house. The police spotted Grace and started chasing her, until she was snatched up and pulled into the back of a tractor-trailer truck by Mfumbe and Katie, infamous anti-Global-1 activists. It was then that Grace began her life as a girl on the run.My thoughts: The book was a good short read, and the time difference between the publication of the second book in the series and this book helped accentuate the difference in time and change in characters between the two. Neither this book nor the second book was as good as the first book in the series, but it was an entertaining read to end the series.
There's a third one! :D
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