The Barrow (2014)
The Barrow (2014)
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1616148918 (ISBN13: 9781616148911)
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It isn't often that I get to 3/4 of the book and I stop reading, but...I just couldn't read on any more. The overdescriptive style of writing was incredibly boring for me, and I found my attention drifting. The switching between POVs was irritating, because I didn't enjoy most of them and they weren't very....deep. Or they didn't feel deep. The point of the plot was rather boring....trying to get a magic sword. I never really liked such quest oriented books. All the sexual deviance in this book couldn't make up for these shortcomings (and as it often felt forced, even the sexual scenes turned me off the book. I really wanted to like this one, but I couldn't force myself to even finish it. The Barrow had an intriguing premise and I enjoyed the vivid geographic descriptions which is only fitting for a book concerned with a royal cartographer. However, the book's undoing is it's constant depravity and even though I was prepared for some sordid details because one of the main characters is a pimp it all left a rather bad taste in the mouth (quite literally for some characters) . Being a student of the Classical world, I have built up some tolerance for the obscene but the catamites of antiquity pale in comparison to the blind voracious sexual appetites of some of Smylie's characters. The author dispenses with any notion of gender and his randy characters are willing to jump on anything with a heartbeat irrespective of their consent. Perhaps for his next opus the author may wish to take a cold shower before any bouts of writing and then I might even be able to finish it!
Man this book was a hard read. I dunno why but it just didn't grab hold of me at all.
Saucy, dusty, dark action, with nipple rings, daggers and backstabbing galore.
it did no catch me. it was just too dry for my taste.
Wasn't a great as i had hoped.
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