The Beautiful Mess Series (2014)
The Beautiful Mess Series (2014)
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Tracy Kellam
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i always try to be honest with a review and even though this story had a great plot it wasnt for me it felt like it wad spread over 3 books an didnt need to be .it was an ok read dont get me wrong but i think ive been spoilt by trilogys that have blew me away this didnt do that for me i wilk be honest and say i did struggle to finish but i did and have rated it 3 it was written well just not attention grabing for me olivia is so annoying yes she has issues but over the top whiny and the yes mr burnham give me strength not hot at all .so in all id say i was dissapointed after hearing such great things but it only my oppinion like i said i wanted to be honest So, I have rated each book by themselves and now am doing a review as a whole. This book/series was part of a book club I am in. It took me a little bit to get into but once I did I was hooked. This is by far one of my most favorite and most I dont even know the word I need to use. While I LOVED it I also didn't. The raw emotion and the events that unfolded throughout the series at time were hard to handle. I wondered why it had to go in certain directions. BUT then, it is a fictional and I think if you read books thinking in the back of your mind compairing it to real life you may not like it. I like that I felt helpless at times and that in book 2 I ugly cried because I could feel Alexander and Olivia's pain. Book 1 was a slow start, Book 2 had a lot of raw emotion and Book 3 was painful at times and made me mad but I really did FLOVE it. This is not only a romance series it also have much more. The mystery and the ending I think while hard to get through at times was amazing. Yes, I know this is an all over the place review but that is exactly what you'll feel when reading.
Loved this series!!! all the ups and downs and all feels! yes!
4.5 as a whole! <3I LOVED this series!!
Couldn't put it good!!!
Best series EVER!!!!!!
loved it
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