The Behaviour Of Moths (2008)
The Behaviour Of Moths (2008)
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1844084884 (ISBN13: 9781844084883)
Virago Press (UK)
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All I can say about this book - STRANGE. I did want to see what happened to the characters, so I read thru till the end. There was a huge amount of "moth experimenting science" language that I skimmed. Totally skimmed. Obviously I'm not a science buff - and I had no interest in moths - I was totally intested in the relationship between the two sisters and why they had not spoken to one another in 47 years. I'm still at a loss. Maybe I skimmed too much. This audio CD was enjoyable to listen to with reader Juliet Mill's British accent. The story of the two sisters told by the eldest, Ginny was very well done. Memories of family events are recalled very differently by each sister and the ending was indeed a surprise! While there was too much info about Lepidopterology (study of moths & butterflies)it was tolerable because I was listening while crafting. I think the detailed information gave added dimension to Ginny's character. The story leaves you questioning the relationships in your own family - are they what they seem?
3.5 stars. Loved how it was written but was disappointed by the end. Would recommend it.
enojoyed but was left wanting - needed more from it.
Overall, an enjoyable book
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