The Big Trip Up Yonder And Other Works (1954)
The Big Trip Up Yonder and Other Works (1954)
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This is a futuristic novel. Although it does not describe the future in general, it focuses on two themes: how to prolong life by inventing an anti-aging medicine, super anti-Gerasone and the effects of this idyllic concept.The original title of the book was TOMORROW and TOMORROW and TOMORROW and it was published in 1983. The author himself, Kurt Vonnegut, predicted by writing a story what it is like in the future when there is such an anti-aging medicine. In the story, the clan of the Schwartz family headed by 172-year-old Harold, along with his 22 descendants, lives together in the same house since the population of the world is no longer “genocidal”. In other world, clans of families are soaring in great number. Harold , also known as Gramps , relies heavily on the said medicine to live longer. However, one of his grandchildren plans to kill him. Consequently, all the members of the clan tend to be at odd against one another in the name of inheritance. So the fight for the wealth centers around the story.I was somehow groping a little. May be I was not used to the story bringing myself in the future which things like how to prolong life are unimaginable. Besides, Vonnegut used futuristic words. So reading such genre appeared different to me. To understand the essence of the story, Vonnegut just wanted to discuss the probable effect s of super anti-Gerasone. So let me draw the conclusions. If there is such anti-aging, automatically, the world population will increase in great size and number. And one of the effects is drastic urbanization and industrialization just like the example in the story wherein the clan clammed together in the same house. So I was convulsed with laughter upon reading one of my GR friends’ question how the members of the clan are able to jerk off . ^^ In addition, another sad effect is the disappearance of people’s morality. People might learn to be barbarian by virtue of social classification. We are now in the modern era. I would consider that this era is now ultramodern, for peoples can invent something new, which can simplify our lives. Unfortunately, increasing life expectancy, which has been the primary target ever since the time immemorial, is still a big, big failure.On the other hand, for me the real crux of the book is about DEATH. The book may indicate that many of us , especially adults in midlife, are still afraid of death. So we expect that scientists will invent such “Elysiac” elixir in the future. I may not have been around by the time that ground has been broken. So , are you afraid to die? How about me? I guess so. Not that I cannot find the so-called geographical place, Hell or Heaven, but I want to enjoy my life more as the Gramps Harold put it at the end of the story,” Life is so good. “ It is actually quite a fun short sci-fi story. In this world, everybody is on antisyrogin. This prevents that you get older. People of 120 look 30 etcetra. Generations share the same house and everything is ordered by time (eating etc). It really put you up to think how it would be indeed if nobody would die anymore. Would you like it to share a 1 bedroom appartment with 20 persons? Sleeping in front of the bathroom, hallway, actually everywhere?This book is published in 1954, and probably, Kurt saw this as the future. Lukily, it is not that far yet :). I had the audiobook from librivox recording, and the reader is great! Really nice to listen to.
Clever! Worth a read if you're a Vonnegut fan.
almost like it could be a prequel to 2BR02B.
Sad, short story.
Good short story.
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