The Bikini Diaries (2009)
The Bikini Diaries (2009)
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0451225902 (ISBN13: 9780451225900)
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Spoiler Alert *** Take a plain nice girl( Wendy) , who decides to see if she can make herself over as an irresistible bad girl while on a business trip, throw in some steamy ( or vulgar ) sex scenes , with a very handsome mysterious man (Brandon) , who just happens to turn out to be the CEO of the tropical Florida resort she is scouting out as an investment property for her employer , and you get The Bikini Diaries. A mix of a sugary sweet storyline , which includes poor Brandon being heartbroken when he reads Wendy's diary and finds out she has been just using him for sex ....what ?) combined with raunchy sex scenes which make the whole thing about as farcical as it can get ! I paid 1 ¢ for this book thankfully , as it's destined for the round file. Sorry I'm just LOL : ) Plot: 4starsSteam factor: 5 stars ( Hot as hell!)story length: 4 starsAnother perfect book by Lacey Alexander. This book was a wow for me. What i love about this book was that the scenes was not only at the bedroom but everywhere else. After coming to the vacation resort for a job. Wendy realised just how much she neglected her sexual life. Soon, she embarked on a mission in trying to fulfill all het fantasies. This story is basically about her wanting fulfill her desires and become bolder and more demanding. Brandon is totally HOT! A successful man at a young age. He surprises Wendy with his kinky tactics. ( he also has a huge cock) which the author never fails to emphasize on which is just hot. The plot really good. However, i would have prefered a little more feelings as well as talking about the company. It was also a little bit rush. The author could have build up the plot a little more. The sex scenes were reallllllyyy goood. It was really explicit. My most favourite thing was she included outdoors as well. But even though it is good i think the plot and sex scenes are still not proportional.Even though i don't mind the scenes. ;)I really like Wendy a lot. She grew more confident of her body and herself as time passes and she is also not afraid to show her bad girl side.
I applaud Ms Alexander.
Hot, hot, hot. :)
Hot stuff!!!!
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