The Black Chapel (2014)
The Black Chapel (2014)
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Scarlett is a young woman with a growing pile of debt. She hates working as a masked stripper, but as it's the best paying job around, she does it until she can find something better. Scarlett meets wealthy business person, Michael Manning. He makes her a business proposal, to marry him for a year so that when his terminally ill mother dies, she will leave him his inheritance rather than give it all away. Michael is willing to split his inheritance with Scarlett 50/50 making her cut well over a million. Scarlett and her stripper name, Samantha both intrigue Michael to the point where he wants to date them both. Even when he commits to Scarlett, he can't seem to forget Samantha and tries to see her. I can't see past Michael's flaws in this one. I don't even want to continue on with the series to see what becomes of Scarlett. I think that often faults and flaws help create the depth of a character, but just not with Michael who is a down and out right creep. The Black Chapel is a really fun read if you like modern romance with some twists and turns. The billionaire meets beautiful financially needy woman, he needs a wife to get his inheritance, ok, not terribly original. However… I really liked Samantha/Scarlett’s dual persona twist; and Diane, the mistrusting matriarch, is a great character. Even though the basics of Michael and Samantha/Scarlett are pure fantasy (billionaire and good girl/stripper), the author gives both of them some depth which keeps them from being purely one-dimensional. There were times I was rooting for them and times I wanted to smack them both upside the head. The erotic scenes are well written, not too detailed but with enough to make them spicy. I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to acquiring the sequel.
There were a couple of errors; extra words and misspelled words. Good cliffhanger at the end though.
What a great freebie. I believe I will read the next one tonight. :)
I thought Michael was kind of a weenie. Two stars.
4/7/15 - free on Kindle
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