The Blight Of Muirwood (2013)
The Blight of Muirwood (2013)
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First, I don't agree with a section called "Young Adult". Teen and adult is how I separate books. Perhaps sub-categorizing into escapist-fantasy and rude-fantasy (not REALISTIC fantasy - let's face it, if an adult is reading fantasy, it is to escape. NO fantasy is, or should be, "realistic" by definition.) This is a fun, easy to read, enjoyable series that is true, simple fantasy. Is it more a teenager book? Yes. But it's a GREAT series. Highly recommend to those of us who enjoy a good heroes tale without Abercrombie-ish over-the-top violence and foul language. Similar in feel to Riyria series. In the second book in the Legends of Muirwood series, author Jeff Wheeler delves deeper into the conflict between forces in his fantasy land of knights, abbeys and underprivileged waifs. "The Blight of Muirwood" refers to the taint that comes when people use the magic of the world improperly, trying to force what should be coaxed. This corruption manifests in a vine that oozes sap that can burn skin and kill swaths of land. Wheeler explains that it's more a cleansing. Maybe I've heard this before. A flood perhaps? Another religious underpinning. Regardless, the plot device is a strong motivator to the characters. Lia is back. She's now a "hunter," in charge of the Muirwood Abbey's defenses. She's learning to be a fighter, to take care of herself. She still wants deeply to learn to read and write. Colvin returns after a year and promises he will teach her. The aldermaston still won't let her learn, but she discovers other hidden talents. Wheeler introduces several characters who are smart, devious and very engaging. This takes the series to a new level and very satisfying for his readers.
While a bit slower than the first in this series, I thought it stayed true and I enjoyed it.
I have decided that this is a fun series to read.
Good sequel. But has a major twist at the end.
This trilogy just gets better and better!
Loved it!
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