The Blood Of Heroes: The 13-Day Struggle For The Alamo--and The Sacrifice That Forged A Nation (2012)
The Blood of Heroes: The 13-Day Struggle for the Alamo--and the Sacrifice That Forged a Nation (2012)
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0316053740 (ISBN13: 9780316053747)
Little, Brown and Company
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As a student of the Battle of the Alamo and a writer who intends to write a novel based on the same I have been reading several works for background information and to add to my knowledge. My all-time favorite is "A Time to Stand" by Walter Lord which I have reviewed earlier. Since most likely only historians, Texas patriots, or competing authors may read this I must say that I found Mr. Donovan's work a little tedious. I felt... and this is a problem I have found with many of the works on this event... far too much what I considered irrelevant details. While I felt it somewhat interesting to gain insights into the long, tenuous details and intimate personal history of every person engaged in the Battle of the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto, I thought it overdone. My opinion is and remains that Lord does it just right. While I did learn from the book I found it less than inspiring... With a title like "Blood of Heroes", I expected a work playing to the semi-legendary status of the last, hopeless, desperate, and near mythical stand that had the seeming impossible attendance of Bowie, Crocket, and Travis. However, especially the first, dragging half earns the book the dry, detailed title of "A Military History of the Texan War for Independence", or something. However, things pick up when the author "cuts to the chase" for the actual fall of The Alamo, the later massacre at Goliad and the ignomious fall of the Napoleonic Santa Anna in discarded slave's clothes. An Afterword gives a long, very detailed discussion of the sources and veracity of Travis' drawn line in the sand and the most famous 'survivor' Louis "Moses" Rose. Brief but detailed life stories of other key survivors precedes this.
very good read. I enjoyed the descriptions of the major players on both sides of the battle.
I liked the book. it was easy to read & the narrative was not hard to follow.
Excellent book leaving you wondering about the "line in the sand" and survivors!
I found the book interesting but wish the story and writing were more textured.
Texas history, well written.
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