The Book Of Daniel (2011)
The Book Of Daniel (2011)
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I hate to give this book a bad rating. I enjoyed Cam and Dan's relationship. I even enjoyed being immersed in Dan's issues. I enjoyed a lot of aspects of this book. Except St. Ignacio.In books 1-3, St. Ignacio was presented as a safe haven, an understanding place, a slice of heaven. But in this book did a complete personality change. Almost no one was kind to Dan, they always acted antagonistic to him and when his friend brought up the proposal to bring the new business to town, they attacked him viciously even though he repeatedly said he didn't support it. I understood trying to make the point that Dan couldn't connect with people and because of that people couldn't connect with him but this took it too far. St. Ignacio lost everything that made it special and the St. Ignacio in this book is not someplace I would ever want to go. There was too much of everything: awful relatives, business plans, magic, relationships with exes, miniature horses, weddings...well, the wedding I surprisingly liked, maybe because I like the couple that got married.I felt the subplot about Dan and Yasha's relatives didn't lead anywhere, we never got to know why their father had treated Yasha so badly. Another thing that remained unanswered was why Dan stayed away from St. Nacho's so long. Would he never have gone back if his ex-wife hadn't done what she did?I think this book is considerably weaker than Jacob's Ladder.And I have to say I'm sick and done with awful, homophobic relatives. I'm going to try to avoid books with them.
I loved the St Nacho's series, and am sad to be finishing it. :( I want to live in St Nachos!
This was a fantastic series. I think this book was my favorite of all of them.
Love the whole series
Read it in one day.
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