The Boss’s Fake Fiancee (2012)
The Boss’s Fake Fiancee (2012)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
1622669843 (ISBN13: 9781622669844)
Entangled Publishing (Indulgence)
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This was an okay read, typical, and just a novel you would wanna sit down to and not commit to. The storyline wasn't all that fresh, but it had its cute elements. I enjoyed how there were some geeky elements to it, not much but it was still there. The heroine was pretty strong and non-cliche type. But I have to say, despite the story being pretty fast paced and cute, the ending was god. Such a gag reflexing, cliche move. Neh, in was still able to get through it, just the epilogue... Ugh. I wanted to... Ugh. Melissa lied to her ex-boyfriend, who decided to get revenge and tell a tabloid Melissa was engaged to her new boss. Garth's grandmother is sick and she wants him to be happy before she dies so he keeps the lie alive. These two had some of the same interests and really got along great. Garth was so socially shy that Melissa's family took it the wrong way and didn't like him. Garth feels he needs to be alone and nothing Melissa says will change his mind. Melissa thinks all is lost so she says good-bye and never wants to see him again. Garth talks to his grandmother and realizes some things. I enjoyed the twist at the end! I will definitely read about the Bencher siblings.
This is a must if you love that sexy geek kind of vibe ....
Rating 3.5Cute, engaging...
Nice story
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