The Boy From Reactor 4 (2013)
The Boy from Reactor 4 (2013)
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1612186084 (ISBN13: 9781612186085)
Thomas & Mercer
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This book was so good! A friend was interested in reading this book so we decided to read it together. It would not have normally been a book I would have picked up myself. I started reading and was kind of hesitant, the beginning of the book had many, many charectors that got kind of confusing remembering who everyone was but as the book went on, it started to become easier to remember who was who. This book just kept me wanting to know more and more. The book just kept getting better and better. The ending was also phenomenal! I am very excited to start the next book in the Nadia Tesla series! Ukrainian culture and the settings of New York, Kyiv (Kiev in Russian), Chernobyl and Priyapat, the trans-Siberian railway, Bering Strait and Alaska made for a really interesting story and journey. It all felt pretty authentic and since the author is of Ukrainian descent I'm guessing he has conveyed the culture and history accurately. A plucky young US-born Ukrainian woman, Nadia, goes on a quest to find the answer to a riddle that is connected with her father, and finds a young cousin she must protect and smuggle out of Ukraine. She gets unwittingly caught up with the Ukrainian mafia, tailed, shot at, bugged, and followed across international borders in a tense and at times brutal game of double-crossing cat-and-mouse. The author has a knack for creating vivid scenes – I really felt I was down in the catacombs with Nadia being chased by the mafia guys, in amongst the chanting monks and the tourists. The "zone" of Priyapat near Chernobyl was rugged and haunting, and peopled by tough survivors. Jumping the ice floes in fog across Bering Strait was another memorable scene. With diverse scenery, lots of action and some strong personal dynamics, this would translate really well into film. I'll be looking out for Orest Stelmach's second book coming out soon.
If I could I would give the story a 5 and the writing a 3. Very enjoyable, fast-paced
Plenty of twists and turns with a nice touch of Russian/Ukraine mob stuff.
I liked it! The beginning was a little slow for me but it really picks up!
Too many characters, not enough development. Abrupt transitions.
Hooked from page 1. Moving right on to book 2 ☺
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