The Boy On Cinnamon Street (2012)
The Boy on Cinnamon Street (2012)
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0545215129 (ISBN13: 9780545215121)
Arthur A. Levine Books
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This book was about a girl named Louise, she used to be a happy girl she had friends, do gymnastics, and live with her parents on Cinnamon Street. Now she has two friends, quit gymnastics, and lives with her grandparents. Her only friends are Henderson and Reni they are brother and sister. When a secret admirer starts to leave notes for Louise she try’s to find out who he is, but she has no luck. There is a Spring Fling coming up and she’s waiting for someone to ask her to it. I would recommend it for those who like romance. This book is about a seventh grade girl named Thumbelina, who has been receiving love notes from a secret admirer who she thinks is the pizza delivery boy. The problem is that he's in high and she's only in middle school and looks like she should be in fourth. As the story progresses she begins to remember about what happened to her mom and gets closer to figuring out if the notes really were from the pizza boy. This is a great romance book as well as mystery. I would recommend it to all the girls in the class.
Sweet, heartwarming, and sad but with a happy ending. Easy read. I really enjoyed it.
Lots going on here. It grows on you. Probably a 3.5.
I love this book, I didn't want to stop reading!
This was a nice little book to read. :)
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