The Bread Of Angels: A Memoir Of Love And Faith (2009)
The Bread of Angels: A Memoir of Love and Faith (2009)
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0385522002 (ISBN13: 9780385522007)
Doubleday Books
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Un libro veramente bello, scritto in modo scorrevole ma intenso quanto a contenuto: la ricerca della propria vocazione, di risposte sulla vita propria e sulle vicende familiari, di una giovane americana innamorata del medioriente e che si innamora in mediooriente. Descrizioni di Damasco e della Siria meravigliose, che fanno vivere o rivevere mirabilmente luoghi e persone. Assolutamente da leggere! E poi a me ha portato fortuna.... When I started this book, I would have given it 4 stars. I found Stephanie's story to be fascinating. She was living in a land that I knew nothing about, studying Jesus in the Quran. Lots to learn in this story. And there continued to be an amazing amount of information and good "stuff" for me to learn, but I have to admit to being unhappy in the ending.Another reviewer who I read mentioned recently self-absorbed memoirists. She was bothered by them and I understand that. I believe that people who write memoirs are by definition self-absorbed and I am usually willing to accept that, if I can fall into a world I don't know. In this case, I fell out of Stephanie's world in the last chapters because I was not sure I felt she behaved ethically. This is not my call, but I was definitely distracted by what went on.
touching, inspiring, reminded me of my days in Syria in the summer of 2001
Incredible - one of the best books I have read. Full review upcoming!
Could not get into this book. Boring, predictable and whiny.
i cried with this book..journey of love and faith.
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