The Captive, Part II And The Power (2009)
The Captive, Part II and The Power (2009)
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0340999551 (ISBN13: 9780340999554)
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When we last saw Cassie, she was essentially being blackmailed by Faye, in an attempt to not hurt Diana with the secret of her forbidden relationship with Adam. This one picks up right where the last one left off, since they essentially split the middle book in the trilogy in two for the different omnibus editions.So, Cassie doesn't like Faye, but doesn't want Diana to know all the wretched things she's been doing for Faye, so she starts stepping away from their friendship. It's an interesting reminder of what high school used to be like, because I've been out of that environment for so long that I forget how little things like this could be a big deal. In my world, I'd just tell Diana what happened, but whatever.The plot is somewhat predictable in this one - a big bad comes, the kids have to work through their differences to find a way to fight it, confront some others in the community - with a little bit of an old foe thrown in. And because of the TV show, there were some things that would have been surprises had I not seen them on the screen before. That being said, those surprises were a bit more extreme in the book than in the show, making them interesting to read about despite having a general idea about what was going to happen.I noticed that was the case with nearly everything, it was all more extreme than the same events in the show. I think the most notable being with the characters - Diana was much more forgiving and understanding, Faye was far more manipulative, Cassie was less confident. And one of my favorite things was the explanation for what happened with the parents of the kids of the Circle, it made a lot of sense.The last book, The Power, was somewhat written to be the end of the series, at the very least it's the end of the first trilogy. This has been restarted with a new trilogy and a new author, and I have mixed feelings about that. One thing to consider is that these first three books were written in the early 90s, when technology was a lot different than it is now, so I don't know what to think about a continuation of the series. That being said, I will probably pick the next one up at some point, just to see what I think. If nothing else, it provides an entertaining afternoon! The second part of the Secret Circle trilogy resume from where we stopped in the other book, the Captive. Now I still do not undersatnd why Harper Teen decided to slae the Captive with both The Initation and The Power that beyound me. Anywho, the story takes us back when the Circle is dealing both with The dark energy that was released from the skull still looming and killing people and with Cassie still under Faye's felons grapped on her little finger all thanks to her hell-kittnes who spied on her and Adam secret moment.What I absoultly love about this book, is L.J. Smith writing. So detail, so colorful and the when she writes anything that relates to the supernatural or dark elemenats she nailed it. That's why she's one of my favorite authors :DI liked the characters alot and I must kods how far Cassie character have change from a meek, timid girl to a girl who is strong, smart and above all someone who can stand up to herself, which Im sure anyone could relate to.Of course the reason I'm giving it a four star is because of Cassie choosing some of ther two love interests (Adam or Nick take your choice) and I'm quite not happy about it T.TGive the Secret Circle a chance. You can't possibly not love it.
Cheesy... But I was glad that it was a happy ending.
I rate this 5. Faye was truly a unique character.
Great teen witch book
Loved it.
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