THE CASE OF THE PIG IN THE EVENING SUIT (Dumfries Detective Trilogy) (2013)
THE CASE OF THE PIG IN THE EVENING SUIT (Dumfries Detective Trilogy) (2013)
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A fun little mystery, though I found myself a bit frustrated at the way the clues came from so many directions. Not sure if it's just been to long since I've done a mystery or if this was written too much as a trilogy and not enough as a single story. Didn't get many "aha!" moments when something was solved and I could either kick myself for not noticing the clue in the first place (usually because there wasn't one) or revel in my skills because "I knew it!" Maybe it all wraps up neatly after all. Still, when a free book doesn't piss me off by the end, I can't complain. I'd give it more like 2.5 stars. It's an interesting concept, set in a small Scottish town peopled with the usual group of "interesting" characters. I got this one for free (intrigued by the title), and I've borrowed the second one from Amazon Prime. So it was good enough for me to give the second in this trilogy a try. (I don't know what I'd have done if I'd had to buy it, though. Free is good.)However, there are some glaring faults. First, the author badly needs a lesson in comma usage. At least it's a case of O-mission--he simply doesn't use them when they're needed. Second, I felt as though the book had the makings of two or three mysteries all just mushed together.I'm not familiar with the writer--and I have a feeling he's rather new at the craft. But I do like the dilettante-turned-detective, and the book was enjoyable enough.
I really enjoyed this story and the quirky characters.
good book. likeable characters and lots of twists
A captivating read too
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