The Chase, Volume 1 (2000)
The Chase, Volume 1 (2000)
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I’m so mad this book was so short! I need more naughty fun with sex God Dean! This book jumps right in showing us just how cocky and sexually stimulated Mr. Chase always is. He always crosses the line, in business and with women. But it seems to be working out perfectly for him because he never has a lonely night and makes big bucks.I instantly loved Deans honesty. He doesn’t sugar coat things and is totally forward with women. An aggressive man who knows what he wants and goes after it is so sexy. Dean tells women he is only looking for fun, not a relationship. It seems this approach works because he’s got someone new practically every day.That all changes when the first woman to deny him, steps into his personal life and work life. Blair is a sassy beautiful woman who won’t put up with Dean’s cocky attitude. In just days they randomly bump into each other and flirt like mad. But sadly this short book leaves me hanging and not knowing what happens with Dean and if Blair ever gives into. I need to know all the naughty sexy things they get into!4 stars Dean Chase has been with 735 women. He then meets Blair Parker...the 1 notch on his belt he can't get. The 1 notch he can't stop thinking about. Dean is all about the chase but once he catches he is done. Time to move on. No relationships. No strings attached. Blair is the one woman who refuses to fall for Deans lines. What is Dean to do if he can't stop chasing and if he catches her does he want to let her go.The Chase is smart, sexy, straight forward, and short. I am all for a straight talking, sexy, Alpha male, but what I'm not all for is the "Volume 1, 2, 3, etc" books. I know authors what to keep you hanging and drooling for more, but seriously wallet is not all for that. I will however be sucked into Jessica Wood and her writing tho so I must suck it up because Dean Chase has me hook, line, and sinker. Dean Chase is an alpha male hot shot lawyer, who only does one night stands and no strings please. He is all for the chase until the prey is caught then he is done...on to the next. Blair Parker is confident, sexy, funny, and smart. Everything that appeals to Dean, but she is not falling for his crap. Hilarious banter between the two keep the reader engaged and panting for more. So if you like hot, sexy, steamy, straight forward alphas and sassy, take-no-crap women go for it. It's worth it. If you can't stand "Volume 1,2,3 etc" books don't get it and bitch later cause I warned you.
Good book. I read it in one night.
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