The Chocolate Touch (2013)
The Chocolate Touch (2013)
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0758286325 (ISBN13: 9780758286321)
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Now that's more like it, after 2 books from Laura Florand's series Amour et Chocolat, I've finally found my hero. Dominique Richard was ensnared by the pretty but shy American who comes by his shop everyday for a week now. He had watched her taste every delicious confections he created. It's creepy in a sense but romantic too. As if he was making her these chocolates just to see what she thinks of it. Eventually, he strode to where she sits and talks to her. Dom is too hard on himself because of his past and thinks he can't control his anger. But Jaime Corey easily breaks into the wild past, wilder flavors, black leather and smoldering heat. The two is perfect for each other and no matter what people might think, Dom is capable of sweetness all for Jaime. First book I have read from this author and it was so compelling to have chocolate interwoven in a romance. The setting in Paris really became alive in the novel with the French dialogue. I did get confused at times wondering if the main characters were speaking French most of the time and the author was keeping most of it in English so not to annoy the reader. I don't know. I thought the heroine's back story felt a little contrived. That seems to happen with these family series where each character has to have their own trauma to stand out from siblings. She was meek and I like stronger characters. The plot was a bit slow and predictable, but the chocolate was a worthwhile distraction.
Holy cow... If such a man (Dom) exists... Chocolate and all... Where are you?! :)
Sekuel buku dari the chocolate thief.Suka...Tapi prefer buku yang pertama.
Pretty good.I'll have to read the other ones.
My first. Now to find more by this author.
I absolutely love this series. LOVE.
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