The Christmas Lamp (2009)
The Christmas Lamp (2009)
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0310272270 (ISBN13: 9780310272274)
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Roni's home town of Nativity, Missouri is in financial trouble and Jake Brisco has been hired to get things back in the black. However, with Christmas just around the corner, all the cuts he is proposing are interfering with the towns Christmas traditions. First thing to go was the town Christmas tree. Will the town be able to survive and keep their Christmas spirit, or will they go under like so many of other small towns in the area?I really enjoyed Lori Copelands writting style. And although this story was a little predictable, I did like the story. The characters were likeable, and you really could feel their plight to keep tradition alive in spite of everything. Oh what fun it is to read these fast and happy!Actually I'm surprised that the Christmas novels I'm consuming in my December binge aren't sillier, tackier and trashier -- I expected them all to be more mired in icky gooey romance -- that elimate is there in most of these stories, but it's not as much as I expected. That wonderful lamp the dad won in "A Christmas Story" features prominently in this tale of a Missouri town named Nativity -- who knew -- a story about a leg-shaped lamp in a story. What fun.Merry Christmas to me as I move from this 4th bit of holiday cheer to another later tonight.
This was a really good story. It started slow but it picked up in the middle and went by quick.
A sappy,cute Christmas story but nothing that contains any true depth or great characters.
My last Christmas book for the season, not so great:(
This was a nice enjoyable book to read.
Excellent Christmas stor.
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